All presentations will be held at the Holy Cross House (406 Excel St., Petersburg, AK) on Feb. 23rd-25th, 2023

THURSDAY • February 23, 2023

*Registered Participants ONLY*


FRIDAY • February 24, 2023

*All Presentations open & FREE to the public today!*

SEAK Farmer Snapshot Presentations: Windfall Farm, Juneau + Tenakee Springs Agricultural Roundup (Available via Zoom)

Hear and see what agriculture currently looks like across our region! Local farmers offer "farm tours" via photos & videos, including details of what they grow, their production methods and marketing strategies.

"Slug control: current approaches & novel tools" --Rory McDonnell, Associate Professor @ OSU (Available via Zoom)

Tired of slugs ruining your otherwise perfect produce? Rory McDonnell, arguably the nation's top slug expert, will share on-going research on slug deterrents and offer up creative ideas for how to keep slugs from destroying your vegetables, including new, highly effective slug control methods that are currently being utilized in Europe.

"Using local amendments to improve your soil" -- Bob Van Veldhuizen, semi-retired agricultural consultant & UAF researcher (Available via Zoom)

Southeast Alaska provides a plethora of nutrient-rich amendments for farmers to use to improve their soils. We'll take a close look at many commonly available materials including seaweed, fish carcasses, crab/shrimp shells and "shell sand", and learn how to best use them to improve the health of our soils.

"Perennial Crops Farmer Panel: Berries and Culinary/Medicinal Herbs" -- Ed Buyarski (Ed's Edible Landscaping), Jen Landry (Steller Botanical Health)

Learn tips & tricks for successful production of a variety of perennial crops from experienced local farmers.

8 pm-10pm
"Kiss the Ground" Documentary Screening

Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson that sheds light on a “new, old approach” to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.


SATURDAY • February 25, 2023

*Registered Participants ONLY*

"The Rhubarb Project" --David Love, RootSeller Farm (Available via Zoom)

Four farms across Southeast spent the last 3 years participating in a Rhubarb Variety Trial sponsored by a USDA Specific Crop Block Grant. David will present the studies findings which paint an interesting picture of rhubarb production in our region.

"Succession Planting of SEAK-Friendly Flower Varieties" --Sarah Dolan, Rising Tide Farm (Available via Zoom)

Learn how to keep a supply of beautiful blooms ready for market all season long from Sarah as she shares her on-the-ground experience of growing flowers in our rainforest climate.

"Growing Carrots in SEAK" --Scott Hansen, Sunnyside Farms + Bo Varsano, Farragut Farm (Available via Zoom)

Carrots are almost always the most popular veggie at market -- Scott & Bo will share the nitty gritty of carrot production on their farms, including tips on seeding, weeding and harvesting this tasty and iconic crop.

"Reducing/Eliminating Plastic on Your Farm" John Krapek, Juneau Greens + Joe Orsi, Orsi Organic Produce + Jen Landry, Steller Botanical Health (Available via Zoom)

Tired of all the single-use plastics in your life and more specifically on your farm?? Join three local farmers as they discuss their strategies for reducing and eliminating plastics on their farms.

"Local Slug ID workshop" --Rory McDonnell, Associate Professor @ OSU (Available via Zoom)

Knowing how to ID pests is the first step in successful pest management. Using photos submitted by local farmers, Rory will walk us through the steps for proper slug identification and provide info about the specific slug varieties found here in Southeast.

"Shiitake Cultivation on logs" --Gabe DeGange and Allison Dunbar, Far North Fungi (Available via Zoom)

Our rainforest climate provides ideal conditions for production of shiitake mushrooms using hardwood logs. Learn about site considerations, log inoculation techniques, and other important information on how to produce commercial quantities of shiitake mushrooms.

Small Group Roundtable Discussions

An opportunity to have an intimate discussion with a small group of fellow farmers. Topics will include weed suppression, marketing strategies, pest managment, soils & ammendments, small farm tools, hydroponics, mushroom cultivation and MORE!

"My biggest mistake & Lessons learned" Moderated Audience Sharing by Darren Snyder, UAS Cooperative Extension Service

A fun and light-hearted opportunity to learn from one another by sharing the mistakes we've made and the lessons we've learned on our farms. Bring your stories to share and be prepared to laugh and commiserate in good company.

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